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Intel Inspector XE 2013
for Windows
Intel Inspector XE 2013 is a comprehensive, enterprise-class software security and quality analysis tool, a vital part of the development cycle, providing a winning combination of software analysis solutions across the key quality areas for software security, code quality, and reliability. The next generation of Intel Thread Checker includes:

Memory analysis tool - The powerful, easy-to-use tool ensures code quality and reliability by quickly detecting memory leaks and memory corruption prior to software deployment.

Thread analysis tool - A must-have tool to get the best parallel application quality and optimal application performance, it easily and quickly finds various threads that have problematic interactions and identifi es data races and deadlocks prior to software deployment.
Intel Inspector XE
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IIX999WFGR01 Commercial 1 Pack Floating SSR - Post-expiry 2199.00 2086.00 buy
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