Autodesk Symbols 2000

Autodesk Symbols 2000


Autodesk Symbols 2000 is a ready-made library of design elements that will jump-start your design process. Just choose from more than 12,000 symbols through the AutoCAD DesignCenter feature of your AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, or 2002 software, then drag and drop them precisely into place. They scale automatically to your drawing's units of measurement, U.S. or metric. You'll be completing drawings-even detailed floor plans and construction documents-in minutes, not hours.

You can extract information from these symbols for generating bills of materials and making estimates, just as you can with the symbols native to AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. You can modify their attributes, too. And because they're listed right in the DesignCenter dialog box, the symbols are fully integrated into your design environment.


Compatible with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2000, 2000i, and 2002, the Autodesk Symbols 2000 collection comes in three libraries-architectural, mechanical, and electronic-so you can use only the symbols you need for a particular industry. Each library has thousands of symbols that conform to common industry usage or official graphic standards.

Architectural Symbols

More than 2,800 symbols for designing and drafting homes and offices, HVAC and plumbing systems, wiring and networks, landscaping, streets, and more, all drawn to AIA-endorsed graphic standards.
  • 185 home space-planning symbols: beds, sofas, tables, chairs, desks, lamps, appliances, electronics
  • 120 wiring symbols: lights, controls, switches, receptacles, signals
  • 160 landscaping symbols: trees, shrubs, walkways, sprinklers, pools, furniture
  • 160 HVAC symbols: valves, cylinders, gauges, compressors, condensers, evaporators, ducts, pumps, turbines, traps, thermostats
  • 105 plumbing symbols: valves, fittings, fixtures, drains, hoses, vents
  • 1,085 house design symbols: roofing, stairs, doors, windows, walls, foundations, cabinets, appliances, fixtures, electrical components
  • 555 kitchen and bathroom symbols: fixtures, appliances, sinks, faucets, vanities, tubs, showers, lighting
  • 120 office furniture symbols: file cabinets, credenzas, bookcases, tables, modular panels
  • 40 accessibility symbols used for barrier-free environments, many with minimum/maximum dimensions on the second layer
  • 115 people and street symbols: vehicles and people, streets, roads, intersections
  • 135 local area network design symbols: keyboards, monitors, printers, switch boxes, modems, computers

Mechanical Symbols

More than 7,400 symbols for welding, hydraulics, fittings, GD & T specifications, fasteners, bearings, flowcharts, structural steel shapes, and more, all conforming to common industry usage.
  • 100 welding symbols complying with ANSI/AWS A2.4-79 standards: fillet, square, beveled welds; J-, U-, V-grooves; flare V-welds
  • 275 plant process symbols: cylinders, valves, blowers, motors, pumps, compressors, dryers, instruments, flow arrows
  • 165 pipe fittings: flanged, threaded, welded, belled, plus spigot fittings-including valves, reducers, elbows, tees, joints for each
  • 120 geometric positioning and tolerancing symbols complying with ANSI Y14.5M, ISO 1101, and ISO 3040: flat, round, cylindrical, rough, parallel, true position
  • 500 metric and 1,620 US-standard fasteners complying with ANSI B18.2.1, ANSI B18.2.2, and ASME/ASME M: bolts, screws, rivets, nuts, washers, holes, retaining rings, spacers
  • 275 plant flowchart symbols for chemical and manufacturing facilities
  • 110 flowchart and schedule symbols: inputs, outputs, decisions, arrows, schedule lines, date marks, milestones
  • 1,120 bearings: tapered and straight roller bearings, sectional details of ball and thrust bearings
  • 140 pins: grooved, tapered, hardened and unhardened ground dowel pins

Electronic Symbols

More than 2,500 symbols for circuits, switches, and parts for projects ranging from processors to power plants, all conforming to common industry usage.
  • 280 electronic and electrical symbols complying with IEEE 315.75, NFPA70, ANSI Y32.2, ASGS W32.2, and Y32.16 when possible: filled and unfilled IEEE symbols, breakers, switches, transformers, contacts, relays, meters, rotating devices, semiconductors, logic devices, electromechanical devices
  • 555 printed circuit-board layout symbols drawn to exact physical size: virtually all standard hole patterns and matching silk screens for ICs, connectors, and discrete components, plus a full set of round, octagonal, and square pads
  • 1,690 integrated circuits: TTL, ECL, CMOS, CPU, analog circuits


Autodesk Symbols 2000 software works with AutoCAD 2000 and AutoCAD LT 2000 software in conjunction with the AutoCAD DesignCenter feature.

In addition to the system requirements for AutoCAD 2000 and AutoCAD LT 2000, a full installation of all symbols libraries requires 80MB of disk space, broken down as follows:
  • Architectural symbols - 17MB
  • Mechanical symbols - 41MB
  • Electronic symbols - 21MB

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